What happens when I visit a chiropractor for the first time?

Here at Ridgeway Chiropractic Clinic our first concern is to find out what is causing your pain. Your first visit can last anytime between 30 minutes and an hour. During this time one of our chiropractors:
– will take a full case history
– may ask you to remove some of your clothes, for which gowns will be offered
– will ask your permission to perform a thorough physical examination (this will include neurological and orthopaedic tests, if necessary.)
– may send you for x-rays or an MRI scan if needed
– your chiropractor will also check for signs of any serious conditions for which they will refer you to your GP or hospital if necessary.

What do I need to know before my treatment starts?

Treatment is very much a partnership between you and your chiropractor.

Before your treatment starts your chiropractor will explain what they have found during the examination, the risks and benefits associated with your condition and proposed treatment.

Please feel free to ask us as many questions as you need to be sure that you understand what we have told you.

How many visits do I need?

This will depend on:
– your condition
– how severe it is
– how long you have had the condition
– how you respond to treatment
– how much of your chiropractors advise you follow.

After your initial consultation and diagnosis, how long any further visits last will depend on your condition and the treatment you need.

Your chiropractor will most likely give you advice on self-help, diet and lifestyle changes. They will review your progress regularly and discuss referral options and further investigation if your condition does not improve.

Will the treatment hurt?

Chiropractic treatment is usually painless unless an area is inflamed. If this is the case your chiropractor may alter the treatment to make it as comfortable as possible. Our chiropractors’ here at Ridgeway Chiropractic Clinic are trained in not only chiropractic manipulation but dry needling, soft tissue work, and taping and it maybe that a combination of these will work best.
It is also not uncommon to feel uncomfortable or stiff for a short time after treatment but this usually lasts only a day or so. It is important you talk to your chiropractor if you feel worried about anything either during or after treatment.

Do I need to tell my GP?

You do not need to let your GP know unless you want to. Many GPs recommend chiropractic care to patients. With your permission, your chiropractor may send a report to your GP, with details of your condition and the treatment you are receiving. This is because your GP holds all your medical records, and it is in your interest for them to be complete and up to date.

If we haven’t answered one of your questions or you would like to talk to one of our chiropractors before booking an appointment please feel free to call the clinic.