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Ridgeway Chiropractic Clinic

At Ridgeway Chiropractic clinic we provide effective chiropractic treatment for neuro-musculoskeletal conditions.

Our chiropractors treat patients of all ages. Using their vast experience and expertise our highly qualified chiropractors will always try to discover the CAUSE of your problem, rather than just “treat the symptoms”. They use a holistic approach not only incorporating the latest and well researched chiropractic techniques but also medical acupuncture, massage, rehabilitative exercises and will advise you on any lifestyle changes helping to prevent future injuries.

Common Complaint

Lower Back Pain
Low back pain is one of the most common conditions the general public suffer from, with approximately 80% of the population experiencing some form of lower back pain in their lifetime. Our chiropractors at the Newport clinic treat and help a large number of these patients every day.

There are numerous reasons why an injury to the lower back can occur, for example: damage to the surrounding joints, muscles, ligaments, discs or nerves. Sometimes simple movements such as bending over to put your socks on can trigger low back pain. However, it is usually a build-up of multiple factors which cause general ‘wear and tear’ to the spine. These factors include poor posture, psychological stress and weakened core muscles.

Here at Ridgeway Chiropractic Clinic in Newport we deal with many patients who suffer from acute and chronic low back pain. The Royal College of General Practitioners and The National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) have provided guidelines recommending chiropractic treatment as an effective treatment method for dealing with low back pain.

Meet the Team

Gregg Pugh

Gregg Pugh

Doctor of Chiropractic BSc (Hons) Chiro, DC, MCC
David Thomas

David Thomas

Doctor of Chiropractic M.Chiro, DC, MCC
Jill Pugh

Jill Pugh

Clinic Manager

Chiropractic Videos

The videos below have been kindly provided by The British Chiropractic Association (BCA).

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