Repetitive Strain Injury

About RSI

Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) is the heading used to cover a range of conditions that result from a gradual build-up of tension and overuse in our muscles, tendons and joints from continual stresses and everyday activities. The most common RSI’s include plantar fasciitis, tennis elbow, iliotibial band syndrome and rotator cuff impingement.
Repetitive strain injury usually develops as a result of a job or occupation, for example, typing or manual work, however it can also be associated with leisure activities, such as sporting activities or playing music, it has even been related to completing everyday household chores. Our chiropractic team in Newport treat a large number of patients who suffer from RSI.

The symptoms of Repetitive Strain Injuries may include:

  • Pain which is aggravated by movement
  • Reduced range of movement
  • Swelling
  • Weakness
  • Stiffness

An individually designed treatment programme will be put in place by our experienced chiropractors to suit your condition. The treatment plan may involve a combination of any of the following, manipulation or mobilization of the surrounding joints which not only increases the available movement at these joints and thus eases the load on the muscles and tendons which work over the joint, but relaxes the soft tissues surrounding the area, deep soft tissue work (cross friction, massage, myofascial release techniques) to reduce any fibrous adhesions (knots) and tension which may have developed within the musculature , therapeutic ultrasound which may speed up the healing time and improve the quality of the scar tissue. Most importantly our team will give you postural and ergonomic advice, as well as a home rehabilitative program this has been put in place to help with any imbalances and possible attributing factors, therefore helping you back to good health and aiming to reduce the to help address any imbalances and possible attributing factors and thus in turn reduce the probability of recurrence.